Viewpoint Stockholm: Gondolen

From Gondolen you have a good view over Stockholm and the Slussen area.

Stockholm has many nice view points. I am thinking for example of Skinnarviksberget, the highest natural point of the Swedish capital or Monteliusvägen, probably the most touristic vantage point, and this one at Gondolen. Maybe I should do an article that collects some of those places with a unique view of Stockholm.

Today I will take you to Södermalm, the island just south of Gamla Stan. You get there via Slussen. At the moment there are still gigantic constructions going on here and that will still take a while. If you want to get a better view of these large works, you should definitely visit the viewing platform of Gondolen. From here you also have a breathtaking view of Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan and Djurgården.

Gondolen Stockholm

The lookout point also includes a top restaurant Eriks with a popular lounge bar. Reservations are recommended. Tip: try to get a table on the left, around the time of the sunset! In the summer months you can go one floor up in their summer bar. Update 2020: Eriks is currently closed and would open again in 2022.

Katarinahissen – Gondolen

There were 2 ways to get to the viewpoint. Via the Katarina lift (Katarinahissen) or via the footbridge that can be reached from Mosebacketorg. The elevator has been (temporarily) closed for a while now. So you have to go via the pedestrian bridge.

Katarinahissen Stockholm

Katarinahissen is a public elevator that connects Katarinavägen with Mosebacke Torg. The elevator has been there since 1936. There was even an elevator at that spot before that. It was then called Elevatorn. Back then you had to pay to take the elevator. The first elevator was built in 1883 by the Belgian firm Lecoq & comp. The elevator attracted a lot of attention and soon billboards were hanging on the elevator.

Have you seen The Stomatol sign? It still hangs near the Katarinahissen and was installed in 1909. At the time, this was the first moving illuminated advertisement in Sweden. In 1933 the elevator was demolished and replaced by the current one. The Stomatol billboard got a new place on a building in Klevgränd 1B.


The major construction works on Slussen have been going on for several years and are expected to last until 2022. This is where Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea meet. It is also a busy traffic point for traffic traveling from Gamla Stan to Södermalm. Moreover, various forms of public transport (bus, metro, ferry,…) come together here. At the moment, cyclists and pedestrians have to be careful and follow the correct signs. The city is doing its best to communicate as much as possible about the works. There are information boards in Swedish and English and they also have viewing platforms on the ground floor where you can have a look at the works. From Gondolen you sit in the front row to follow the progress of the works!

The view on the right

Gondolen Stockholm

The entire structure dates from 1935 and is about 11 stories above the ground. If you look to the right, you can see a part of Stockholm’s harbour. On the other side is Djurgården with the recognizable theme park Gröna Lund. You can also see the large cruise ships that enter Stockholm. This is the side of the Baltic Sea and the archipelago.

The view on the left

View on Stockholm

On the left you look on top of the works of Slussen. In front of you, you can see Gamla Stan, Riddarholmen and in the distance, Kungsholmen with the Stockholm City Hall. You also see Lake Mälaren.


How do you reach Gondolen?

Certainly now with the works on Slussen, it is not so easy to find to the viewpoint. Don’t let this put you off. Every day a lot of tourists still find their way so it is certainly doable!

From Gamla Stan you walk towards Slussen. Read the signs carefully. The text is also in English. On Mosebacketorg you will find the pedestrian bridge to Gondolen.

With the metro you get off at the stop ‘Slussen’. Go up towards Södermalmstorg and after the exit turn right. Follow the arrows to the bridge.

Address: Stadsgården 6, Stockholm


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Gondolen Katarinahissen Stockholm

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