Where do you find the best spots to watch the sunset in Stockholm? The answer depends on the season you’re visiting. Even though there is no midnight sun in Stockholm, it never gets completely dark between May and August. The best places to see the sunset in Stockholm and have the best view on the sunset in Stockholm are therefore different from season to season. Ready for my best sunset hotspots in Stockholm?

What time does the sun set in Stockholm?

Before sharing the best spots for the sunset in Stockholm, we need to know at what time the sun sets. During the winter, the sun in Stockholm already sets around 15:00. And during the summer months it never really gets dark, not even as far south as Stockholm, but there is no midnight sun here so the sun does set.

Here are the main times of sunset in Stockholm per month (roughly):

  • January: between 15:00-16:00
  • February: between 16:00-17:15
  • March: between 17:15-19:30 (daylight saving time)
  • April: between 19:30-20-40
  • May: between 20:40-21:45
  • June: between 21:50-22:10
  • July: between 22:05-21:15
  • August: between 21:15-19:55
  • September: between 19:50-18:25
  • October: between 18:20-16:00 (winter time)
  • November: between 15:55-15:00
  • December: between 15:00-14:45

If you want a more detailed look, I recommend this website.

My favorite spots to wacht the sunset in Stockholm

Best sunset view: Evert Taubeterrassen

Evert Taube Terrassen

On Riddarholmen, the small island next to Gamla Stan, you will find my favorite spot to watch the sunset in Stockholm. Almost all year long you have a beautiful view over Riddarfjärden and the setting sun from Evert Taubeterrasses. I often sit here to just stare at the water and the setting sun. The City Hall of Stockholm, with its red stones, contrasts with the blue sky during the daytime. At sunset, the recognizable silhouette of Stadshuset makes the spot even more photogenic. Don’t forget to take an extra jacket or blanket. Once the sun disappears, it can cool down quickly.

Sunset boven Västerbron - Stockholm

In winter the sun disappears in the water at Västerbron, during the summer the sun sets behind Stadshuset.


Zonsondergang in Stockholm (3)

Near Evert Taubeterrassen you will find the boat hotel Mälardrottningen. Because the ship is turned, even if you have a room with a view on the water, you do not have a clear view of the sunset, except maybe in winter if the sun is already disappearing behind the horizon at Västerbron. From the breakfast room-restaurant you have a view of the sunset. But honestly, you have a better view if you go out.


Sunset vanop Centralbron

This bridge between Norrmalm and Gamla Stan also treats you on fantastic sunsets. There are also small ‘balconies’ on the bridge with a bench. Almost perfect for a romantic moment at sunset time, if you just ignore the trains driving by.

Watching the sunset on Kungsholmen

Plek voor zonsondergang in de winter - Kungsholmen

If you continue via Norr Mälarstrand towards Västerbron you will encounter several nice pavilions. During the summer months you will not see a sunset here but if you sit on one of the benches during the winter, you are on the first row to see the sun go down in the Lake Mälaren.
Tip: Take a sheepskin to sit on and bring fleece blankets, hats, a thermos with hot chocolate milk …

During the summer months, Hornsberg Strand, on the other side of the island, is a very popular place to swim. I usually pick up pizza at BellaVista and eat it at Hornsberg Strand. Enjoy!

Watch the sunset from Skinnarviksberget in Stockholm

Sunset Skinnarviksberget

Skinnarviksberget is the highest natural point of Stockholm and a well-kept secret. In nice weather you will always find some locals who come here to picknick and enjoy the amazing view. It is a bit of a queest to reach this place and although this highest natural point is mentioned in several travel guides, most tourists stick to Monteliusvägen, giving Skinnarviksberget just a little more ‘local’ feeling. Here you have a fantastic view of the sunset, all year round. Watch out in winter because the road downhill and the mountain can be very slippery.


Just next to Skinnarviksberget, slightly more in the eastern direction, you will find the popular Monteliusvägen. Throughout the day they drop buses full of tourists here for a brief photo session of Stockholm. Yes, Monteliusvägen offers a fantastic view of the city and it can be very busy here, so you have to keep this in account. If you have some more time, go ahead and make the climb to Skinnarviksberget.

On many of the boats that lie near Södra Mälarstrand you can also see the sunset. Certain boats are furnished as a hotel, others have a summer bar or rooftop terrace. Here the party often goes on until the late hours.

Sunset Södra Mälarstrand

View over the sunset from Gondolen

Romantic dining with sunset views? It’s possible! The Gondolen restaurant is a popular place so you can book your table in a timely manner. Too late to make reservations or no hunger? No problem, Gondolen also offers a free accessible viewpoint. At the moment you have to deal with the construction works around Slussen, but it also has its charm and gives you an impressive view of these grand construction works that will still last for a few more years.


During the summer months, the Mosebacke Terraces are very popular. There is a nice summer bar with regular performances. I did not see the sunset at this time but would be worth it. To be continued.

Rooftop bars: good spot for watching the sunset in Stockholm

Stockholm has a lot of rooftop bars. Scandic Continental, near Centralen, has such a rooftop bar and personally I find this the rooftop bar with the best view. The new rooftop bar TAK is probably a treat in the winter if you want to watch a beautiful sunset but from April onwards they are just wrongly oriented to see a lot of the sunset.

Sunset view over the city from Skansen

Sunset Skansen

Skansen is the last one on this list. Tip: go there during the summer months on Tuesday and sing along with Allsång på Skansen. I was there during the winter, with the Christmas events as well and saw the red-glowing glow of the sunset. At Solsidan you will also have a wonderful view of the city, and even see Globen (or the Avicii Arena as it is called nowadays).

Zonsondergang in Stockholm (2)

Sunset and sunrise photography

Yes, it is worth getting up early for the sunrise or go outside for the sunset. To know exactly where you have to be for the perfect shot, I was recommended the (free) Sun Tracker AR app. Unfortunately only for iOs. If you know of an Android equivalent, let me know!

Sunset tours in Stockhholm

Do you want to make the sunset extra special? There are some magnificent sunset tours you can do in and around Stockholm, for a sunset to never forget!

If you’re in Stockholm, you absolutely have to visit one of the islands in the archipelago. You can even combine the archipelago experience with a sunset experience with this kayak tour around Vaxholm. Or go kayaking (guided tour) on Lake Mälaren and enjoy a sunset fika or sunset BBQ. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you can also join a guided sunset tour to spot wildlife in Tyresta National Park, south of Stockholm.

More tours & activities in Stockholm

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