Midsummer in Mora (Dalarna)

Midsummer in Mora

Sometimes they say that Dalarna is the real Sweden. So there’s no better place than Mora in Dalarna to celebrate midsummer. I went to Mora in 2017 to enjoy a typical midsummer eve with the locals. Because I didn’t know then how to make a flower crown yourself, I bought a diadem with flowers.

I had no idea beforehand where I could celebrate midsummer in Mora. The websites didn’t give much info. I read that somewhere in Mora there was a campsite where they put the maypole every year on midsummer and had a nice midsummer party. I put the address of the campsite in Google Maps and started walking.

Midsummer among the locals

After a while I heard a fanfare. According to Google Maps I was still a bit away from the campsite. My curiosity steered me in the direction of the music. I came to a small hamlet in Mora where the locals celebrated midsummer together.

Fika midzomer Mora

There were stands where you could enjoy fika, including sju sorters kakor (the tradition wants you to serve seven different types of cookies). There was a brass band, there were singing choirs and there was even a little train that drove the children around the village.

The maypole

meipaal midzomer in mora

The maypole was already decorated and ready to be pushed upright by the local strong men and women. And this under loud encouragement. There were a lot of Swedes in traditional costume. A unique experience!

Recht zetten meiboom
Meiboom midzomer in Mora

There is a small competition – the honor of the village is at stake – in the region for who has the biggest. Here they are at the top, which naturally increased the competitive spirit even more 🙂

Midzomerfeest in Mora, de meipaal

Små grodorna

When the maypole was finally up, young and old gathered to sing midsummer songs. I only knew Små grodorna but happily joined in. Very happy that I could experience this beautiful party with and between the Swedes. Can’t wait to do it again!

Midzomer in Mora

Video: Midsummer in Mora

Have you ever attended a traditional midsummer party? Where should I definitely go next time?

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Midsummer in Mora

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