Taking a taxi in Stockholm

Stockholm is a perfect destination for a city trip of a different nature.

You can easily explore Stockholm on foot. Public transport is also working perfect. If for some reason you still want to take a taxi, then you have the choice of different taxi companies in Stockholm.

Taking a taxi in Stockholm isn’t cheap. I only took a taxi twice. The first time was when I decided to change hotels during the Eurovision Song Contest, late at night. The second time was when I was going to Helsinki by ferry, and a snowstorm was raging in Stockholm. I did not feel like dragging my bags through the snow. Sometimes a bit of luxury is allowed! The first time I called a taxi, it was a short ride and the price was not too bad, especially since it was already after 22h. The second time I took a taxi at the station and the meter seemed to go up every second.

Some taxi companies that are known as reliable: Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir and Sverige Taxi. If you take a taxi more often, it may be useful to download an app from one of the companies.

What does a taxi ride cost in Stockholm?

The prices of taxis are not regulated in Sweden. In other words, the companies are free to set their own price. This also means that comparing prices pays off.

The taxis in Stockholm have a yellow-white sticker where the price for a ride of 10 km / 15 minutes is advertised. Most taxis have prices between 290 and 390 SEK. This prize is in Swedish crowns (so roughly divide by 10 to go to euros).

Taking a taxi in Stockholm

Registered taxis have yellow number plates. In general it is cheaper to call a taxi or to reserve one via their app than to stop a taxi on the street. At the station, where the taxis are neatly lined up, you can choose which taxi you take. You don’t have to take the first one in line.

Always check the yellow-white sticker before boarding! It can save you a lot of money. It is a good idea to agree on a fixed price in advance. Some taxi companies will send you the price by text message or via the app.

You can with the credit card. Always ask for a receipt. If you accidentally forgot your luggage, you’ll be able to track down the driver.

It is not necessary to provide a tip for the driver, but if you had a lot of luggage or if you are really satisfied with the service, you can add 10%.

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