Arlanda, the main airport from Stockholm

Airport Arlanda Stockholm

Arlanda is the main airport in Stockholm. The airport is located about 42 km outside the city, near Sigtuna and Märsta. Approximately 25 million passengers land or depart from it every year. Most international flights arrive at Arlanda. The other airports in Stockholm are Bromma, Skavsta and Västerås.

Arlanda Airport Stockholm


There are 4 terminals at Arlanda. Terminal 2 and 5 are for international traffic. Terminals 3 and 4 are for domestic traffic. Sky City is located between terminals 4 and 5. Here you will find restaurants and a few shops. Do not expect too much, however, because I thought this was rather limited.

Well worth mentioning is the place of Max Burgare. This burger restaurant received an honorable mention in 2008 as the third best restaurant in an airport worldwide! You can enjoy a special breakfast menu if it is too early for those delicious Max burgers.

Children's zone in Arlanda

Arlanda airport

From Arlanda to Stockholm

There are different ways to travel from Arlanda to Stockholm and vice versa. Your choice will depend on your budget and the time you want to spend and on your company is.


From Bromma to Stockholm I swear by Flygbussarna. This is also the easiest solution to travel from Arlanda. A bus leaves every 10 minutes. About 45 minutes later you are in the center of Stockholm. Download the app and buy your tickets there for the cheapest price.
There is also a bus between Arlanda and Bromma.

Arlanda Express

The Arlanda Express is the fastest and (apart from the taxis) also the most expensive way to get from Arlanda to the center of Stockholm. The high-speed train takes only 20 minutes and leaves every 15 minutes. So you never have to wait very long. A one-way ticket for adults costs 295 Swedish kroner (about 30 euros, depending on the course). Four minors can travel for free per adult. If you travel with several people, you get a special rate. Even those who reserve a long time in advance via the website receive a discount. Tickets can be purchased via the website, via the ticket machines or the counters in Arlanda and via the app. You can find all rates on their website.

By public transport or taxi

The Pendeltåg (train) takes you to Stockholm Station in 38 minutes. The train runs twice an hour. Download the SL app and buy your ticket via the app. You pay 45 SEK per trip + an airport surcharge of 120 SEK. Instead of a ticket per ride, you can also buy a travel card for 24 hours, 72 hours or 7 days. Recent prices can be found on the site of SL.

Those who are creative can avoid the airport surcharge by first taking a bus. Bus 583 usually leaves between terminals 4 and 5 and takes you to Märsta Station in 18 minutes. Here you change to the above
Pendeltåg. After 40 minutes you are in Stockholm station. So you can travel from Arlanda to Stockholm for just 45 SEK.

If you opt for a taxi, you will pay around 60 euros. Especially if you are with several people or want to be dropped off at the door, this can still be an interesting option. A taxi ride to the airport is a bit cheaper.


There is a new and cheap option to travel from Arlanda to Stockholm: with Flixbus. You reserve your spot in advance, via their website. Prices start at 3,90 euros per person. The bus runs several times a day but at irregular times. You might have to wait in the airport for a while. The ride itself takes 40 to 50 minutes.

History of Arlanda

The name Arlanda is the result of a competition. You hear Arland in it, the old name of Ärlinghundra, the place where the airport is located. ‘Att landa’ is Swedish for ‘to land’.

The airport opened in 1959. A year later, Arlanda received the first international flights because the runway in Bromma was too short.

Buy your tickets for the Premium Lounge here

Book your tickets in advance and skip the lines. Check the availability and book immediately. You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance. And you’re guaranteed the best price (no hidden costs!).

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