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Heidi in university city Lund in southern Sweden.
Lund city guide Lund

Lund, the charming university town in southern Sweden, is an often overlooked gem. It is, together with Uppsala, one of the largest university cities of Sweden, but is less known outside Sweden. Well, if I was a student now, I chose a year as an exchange student in Lund!

A city where water does not play a prominent role but still could win my heart, is quite unique. The city has a special atmosphere. It is a laid back city with pleasant shopping streets, an extensive culinary and cultural offering and lots of greenery.

With its picturesque medieval streets, cozy cafes and unique sights, Lund in Skåne is the perfect destination for those who love culture, history and nature.

What to do in Lund? These are the must-see sights:

Astronomical clock in Domkyrkan

Lund (9)

Lund Cathedral is an imposing building with an astronomical clock from the 15th century. The Domkyrkan Cathedral itself dates from the 12th century and is the most visited cathedral in Sweden (700,000 visitors/year!).

The astronomical clock is to be viewed on the inside. When you enter the cathedral, immediately turn left. The clock dates from the 15th century. At noon and 3 pm the soldiers will hold their swords and you will see the Three Kings visiting the child Jesus. Confused by this sentence? Try to schedule your visit around these times to see what I mean. If you want, there is an explanation in Swedish about the history and operation of the clock fifteen minutes before 12 and 15 o’clock.

Domkyrkan is also an impressive building from the outside, with its two towers. The Lunnapågarna, as locals call the towers, can be seen all over the city.

Lund (5)

Botanical garden Lund

Lund (1)

Maybe it was the combination of snow and sun, but I thought the botanical garden was a really cool place in Lund. Wonderfully quiet and yet in the middle of the city. In spring and summer, about 7,000 different species of plants bloom here. The conservatory in the middle of the botanical garden is also very cool. Free admission between 11am and 3pm.

Lund (2)

Read more about the Lund Botanical Gardens.


Lund (4)

Even more greenery and central in the city: Lundagården. Whatever you want to visit in Lund, you pass through Lundagården. It is the part between Domkyrkan, Historiska Museet and the university. It is the oldest park in the city.

Lund (6)

Lunds University

Nearly 50,000 students enroll at Lunds Universitetet every year. The university is spread over several blocks and is almost a city within the city. The university is fairly centrally located and the buildings are worth a detour. The university library is also impressive with an extensive collection of books.

Read more about Lund University.


Kulturen is an open-air museum in the middle of the city. You will find various houses from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. Kulturen is open all year round, but there are more things to see in the warmer months of the year.

Lund (13)

There are two parts, connected with a tunnel. The building where the entrance is located also contains an exhibition space that tells you everything about Lund in the Middle Ages.

Lund (14)

The houses outside are the real attraction. I thought it was impressive that a few of those very old houses have been preserved and that you can visit them now, so many centuries later.

Lund (15)

Read more about Kulturen in Lund here.

Stadsparken Lund

Many locals say the city park Stadsparken is their favorite place. You can have many favorite places in Lund’s city park because it is quite extensive. Charming in the snow, but all I could think about was how fantastic this place must be in the summer. There are sports fields, a beach, a large pond, a labyrinth, a playground,… In short, an ideal place to relax, especially when the sun keeps you company.

Historiska Museet Lund

Anyone who is interested in archeology or even the skeletons of various reindeer or simply wants to experience a piece of history will certainly find something to their liking in Historiska Museet. The building itself is also a gem and is located near Domkyrkan. It is the second largest archaeological museum in Sweden.

Tours near Lund

Shopping in Lund

Lund does have an H&M, but other than that I thought it had a different selection than in most major cities. No walking shopping streets, but when I was there there was so little traffic that it didn’t really bother me. The shopping streets not to miss are Stora Södergatan, Lilla Fiskaregatan, Skomakaregatan, Västra Mårtensgatan and Östra Mårtensgatan. Most shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Flea markets (loppis) can be found at Södra Esplanaden (every Saturday morning during the summer months). Lund also has many specialized shops. What about, for example, a store that only sells sausages? More than 100 different types of sausage. Not something you find in every city!


Lund’s oldest grocery, Hökeriet, is definitely worth a visit. In addition to food, you can also buy handmade items. There is also a cafe inside. The building dates from 1815.

Restaurants in Lund

In Lund, just like in the rest of Sweden, you will find many great places where you can enjoy delicious food. Here I list a few where I went myself.

Saluhallen Lund

Lund (11)

Food halls are popular in Scandinavia. The concept: many different restaurants and stalls in one spot where you can buy and eat delicacies. Saluhallen is a cozy, indoor culinary place where you can enjoy all kinds of tasty treats. I chose Les Halles and had the vegetarian dish of the day. The hardest thing in Saluhallen is choosing where and what you want to eat.

Lund (12)

Broder Jakobs Stenungsbageri

Lund (7)

You can recognize good bakeries by the queue. The semla were delicious! Perfect place for the popular Swedish fika.

Klostergatans vin & delikatess

My personal favorite: Klostergatans vin & delikatess. Don’t forget to make a reservation because it is also a favorite with the locals.

Familyproof Lund

Because I received some questions about child-friendly activities in Sweden, I listed a few here. If you have already done/visited one of these things, please let me know if you liked it the comments so that you can help other readers with their holiday planning.

  • Vattenhallen is a science center where you learn through play. There is also a planetarium.
  • Kulturen: see above. Definitely recommended with children! There was, among other things, a special children’s corner.
  • Livetsmuseum or the ‘museum of life’ takes you on an interactive journey and discovery through our body and the history of medical science.
  • Högevall is a modern adventurous swimming pool with more than 200 meters of slides, an outdoor pool and a jungle pool.

Daytrips near Lund

  • Malmö: The modern port city of Malmö can be reached in 10 minutes by train.
  • Copenhagen: The Danish capital Copenhagen is 40 minutes by train.
  • Ystad: The picturesque town of Ystad is 1 hour away by car.
  • Kullaberg: This nature reserve with spectacular cliffs is 1 hour away by car.
  • A cycling tour through Skåne: Enjoy the beautiful nature and picturesque villages.
  • Spend the night on a Flädie vineyard near Lund.

Accommodation in Lund

There is an option for every budget in Lund. However, it is best to make your reservation in time. Below you will find some of my recommendations that I have either already stayed at or would definitely consider for my next visit to Lund:

During my second stay in Lund I slept in Winstrup Hostel. I’m generally not a fan of hostels but the rooms were spacious, there was a good system of curtains and lockers for plenty of privacy and it was very budget friendly.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, I would recommend the Grand Hotel.

If you are traveling by car, then The More Hotel is recommended.

  • Check here for prices and availability

More stays in Lund, Sweden:

Into camping? Here you will find all information about (wild) camping in Sweden.

Practical information Lund

How to reach Lund

Lund by train

By train it is barely ten minutes from Malmö to Lund. Both Malmö and Lund stations are very centrally located. You can also take the train from Copenhagen, which will take you about 40 minutes. There is also a good train connection between Stockholm and Lund. You can buy train tickets easily and quickly at the machines in the stations or via the SJ app. You can change the language of the machines to English so you shouldn’t have to worry about that either. A single ticket Malmö-Lund costs about 7 euros.

Tip: book your train trips via Omio, a handy app where you can easily compare and book all options to get from A to B. This way you have all your travel tickets in one place and you also receive live updates of your planned trip.


From Malmö you can take the bus (no. 171, which departs from Länsstyrelsen in Malmö). It takes about twenty minutes. Please note: you cannot buy a ticket on the buses! If you want to take the bus in Skåne, it is best to download the Skånetrafiken app in advance. With this app you can buy your bus ticket. You simply show your smartphone to the driver when boarding. A single ticket costs about 5 euros.
The stops are well indicated on the buses. Even counting down the minutes of how long it will take before you get there. The Swedes generally speak good English, so making yourself understood is not a problem.

You can also travel to Sweden or from another Swedish city to Lund by long-distance bus. Look here for exclusive offers by FlixBus.

By plane

Nearest international airport is Copenhagen Kastrup. Malmö also has an airport (mainly domestic flights).

Click here for the cheapest airline tickets to Sweden.

Public transport in Lund

Lund has a well-developed network of city and regional buses that connect the city and the region. The buses are operated by Skånetrafiken, the public transport company for the Skåne region.

Tickets for the buses can be purchased at kiosks and information points at the stations and in the Skånetrafiken app. The app provides real-time travel information and the ability to purchase tickets.

Lund’s tram is a new addition to the city’s public transport system. The tram line connects Lund Central Station with the Science Village, via the University Hospital, Lund University and Ideon Gateway. The tram runs every 10 minutes and the journey takes about 15 minutes.

Lund by bike

You can rent a bike via Rent a bike or Fridhems Cykelaffär if you want to cycle in and around Lund. There are many biking routes to choose from.

Good to know

When is the best time to visit Lund?

In my opinion, and I have been to Lund in several seasons, late spring (from the end of April) is the best time to travel to Lund. In the summer months, most students leave the city and it is much quieter (which also has its advantages). I was there with Lucia in December and that was a special experience I will never forget.

I would like to conclude with special thanks to the Lund tourism office for the friendly help and the information they provided me. You will also find English information on their website. Tack, Jenny och Lunds Turistbyrå!

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City guide: things to do in Lund, Sweden

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