VESPA Malmö: pizza with a sunset view

Enjoy the sunset in Malmö while eating a pizza from Vespa by the seaside.

When I was in Malmö for the second time (the first time was during the winter), I saw many people with pizza boxes along the water. I soon realized that they got their pizza from V.E.S.P.A.. V.E.S.P.A stands for Vin, Espresso, Salami, Pizza and Anguria. With over 30 years of experience, the Italian Riccardo himself has developed different concepts: C.A.S.A, G.R.A.N.D.E and F.A.S.T.. A few years ago, his son Eduardo also joined the business.

Pizza van VESPA in Malmö, met zicht op de zonsondergang

In the establishments that received the Casa stamp, they serve Italian classics in a homely interior. The Grande concept stands for innovative gastronomy and Fast, as the name suggests, is for those who opt for take away. The V.E.S.P.A of Västra Hamnen in Malmö is a Grande. You eat delicious antipasta, pasta and pizzas on the spot. The employees are happy to help you choose a matching wine. You can also pick up pizzas.

On the VESPA menu

In addition to pasta and pizza, you can also eat antipasta, Italian fish and meat dishes, salads and desserts. The portions are quite large. The anti-paste costs between 60 and 180 kronor (roughly divide by 10 parts to find out the price in euros). For the main courses you pay between 140 and 250 SEK and for a dessert they charge about 85 kronor. The pizzas cost between SEK 135 and 185. The take-away pizzas are a bit cheaper. Water is always included in the price. In terms of beer and wines, they only serve Italian brands.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options

The pizzas can also be made with a wholemeal or gluten-free crust and there are also plenty of options for vegetarians.

Takeaway pizza and sunset

In Stockholm, I do it every time: pick up pizza and find somewhere to enjoy the sunset and the pizza. In Malmö you will certainly find a spot along the water with a view of the sunset. Add a pizza from VESPA and really enjoy it!

Pizza van VESPA in Malmö, met zicht op de zonsondergang

If it is for take-out, you can order at the bar. You pay and they let you know when you can come for the pizza. You can also order online and pick up your pizza box at the specified time.

Pizza is eaten with your hands, just like the real Italians, so you don’t need cutlery. (I always bring a set of reusable cutlery when traveling so that I don’t have to use disposable cutlery. It’s a small effort!) And of course you put the pizza box neatly in the trash afterwards so that it cannot blow into the sea!

Practical information

Good to know, the V.E.S.P.A branches are “kontantfritt“, which means that you cannot pay with cash but only by card. This is the case in more and more places in Sweden. You really don’t need cash in Sweden.

Where can you find VESPA Malmö?

There are several Vespa branches: in Lund, Bjärred, Höllviken and 3 in Malmö. The Vespa I visited is located in Västra Hamnen, Malmö’s newest district. They also have a branch in Limhamn and Kanalgatan.

Address: Sundspromenaden 7, Malmö
The addresses of the other locations can be found on the V.E.S.P.A. website.

Opening hours

V.E.S.P.A Västra Hamnen is open every day. During the week you can join as early as 11:30 am. During the weekend they open half an hour later and start at noon. No closing time is indicated and they are generally open until late at night.

In the neighborhood

More tasty pizza addresses in Sweden?

  • At Pizzeria Vezzo in Östersund you can taste the best pizza in Sweden. Literally because they serve an award winning pizza!

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Pizza van VESPA in Malmö, met zicht op de zonsondergang

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