Hiking in Sweden: Sörmland trail

The Sörmland Trail or Sörmlandsleden is a nice trail just south of Stockholm.

Hiking enthusiasts will love Sörmland. Sörmlandsleden or Sörmland trail has no less than 1000 km hiking trails through Swedish nature and past historic sites. The trail starts in Björkhagen (Stockholm) and passes through Nynäshamn, Södertälje, Trosa, Nyköping, Katrineholm and Malmköping. Branches go to Flen, Eskilstuna, Gnesta and Mariefred, among others. It is one of the longest trails in Sweden.

You can recognize Sörmlandsleden – Sörmland trail by the orange rings around the trees or the signs with the letter ‘S’ on an orange background. You can choose between different types of surface and difficulty levels. There is something for everyone. The different routes vary between 3 and 20 km.

You pass a lot of nature reserves. There are plenty of rest areas, shelters, campsites and log cabins along the trails of Sörmlandsleden. Wild camping is often also possible. You can fill your drinking bottle at the sources you encounter along the way. Water from the rivers must be boiled or use a water filter. You can buy food in the shops along the route. It is best to check before departure which facilities you may find on your path.

I walked a part of Sörmlandsleden in Stendörren and liked it a lot. Looking forward to, one day, discover more of the trail.

More info can be found at this website.

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Sörmlandsleden - Sörmland trial

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