Sleeping in an old soap factory: Sunlight Hotel, Nyköping

Sunlight Hotel Nyköping

Everyone knows the iconic Sunlight soap. It was the classic in your grandmother’s household closet because it was good for anything. Did you know you can stay in the former Sunlight factory in Nyköping (a town near Stockholm, in Sörmland)? The soap factory was completely renovated and now serves as a hotel. The Sunlight Hotel is a special hotel in many ways.

Sunlight Hotel

Sunlight soap

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As if it isn’t special enough to spend the night in an old soap factory, you might be surprised to see the vintage car collection of the hotel. You can find Ford, Excalibur, Cadillac and even Ferrari cars on the third floor in the big hall when you go to your room. Here, you will not find a sign ‘do not touch’ as in a museum. They even let you sit in the cars if you want. These vintage car collections proved to be something typical for Sörmland. When we were there we also visited a castle with a huge antique car collection.

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Inga Lindström

Sörmland forms the scenery for the German romantic series Inga Lindström. The production crew often stays and shoots in this area and always chooses the Sunlight Hotel as a base. Because we do not know the series in Belgium, I can’t tell you if I met the famous actors at breakfast, in the elevator or perhaps in the sauna. All I can say is that they were there when we were!


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The Sunlight Hotel is the largest hotel in Nyköping. Nyköping is close to Skavsta airport near Stockholm. To the station of Nyköping it’s a 5 minute walk. The hotel has many amenities: a restaurant with a buffet, a spacious breakfast room and the opportunity to enjoy breakfast on the sunny terrace during the summer months, and a spa area (large pool, children’s pool and two Jacuzzis),  a sauna room and a gym. There is also a communal kitchen where guests can prepare something if they want. There is a free parking in front of the hotel. In short, an ideal base for those who travel by car and want to stay near Stockholm or make a tour of Sörmland!

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