At Stadshuskällaren in Stockholm you can order all the menus from the Nobel Banquet.

Restaurant Stadshuskällaren is located in the basement of Stadshuset, the town hall of Stockholm. The restaurant first opened in 1922 and reopened in 2012 after extensive renovations. The chef of this restaurant, Andreas Hedlund, is also responsible for the Nobel banquet that each year is served on December the 10 in the Blue Hall of the Town Hall, after the award ceremony of the Nobel Prize. He also creates the Nobel menu.

Stadshuskällaren Stockholm

Besides the regular menu you can  also order one of the menus from the Nobel banquet since 1901. This is only available after reservation and for groups of minimum 10 people. It’s not cheap but it is certainly a unique experience. You pay 1695 SEK (around 170 euro) per person for the three-course menu with drinks included. This menu is served in the original Nobel porcelain. If you are in Stockholm late November or December the julbord (Swedish christmas buffet) of Stadshuskällaren is also recommended. You will pay between 55 and 75 euros per person for the Christmas buffet. Note: December 10th, the restaurant is always closed because of the Nobel Banquet!

Nobel Menu

A Nobel menu must meet a lot of conditions. The chef needs to keep in mind that the ingredients need to show proof of sustainability. The dishes must also have a touch of Scandinavia. He must also take into account that there are invitees from around the world at the Nobel Banquet and thus eg no porc in the menu may be used.

Nobel Menu 2015

I had the absolute privilege and was very lucky to be able to join some other bloggers in Stadshuskällaren for the Nobel Menu 2015. Waitress Sofia welcomed us with a smile and knew a lot about the Nobel Banquet.

Nobel porcelain

Porselein nobel banket

The Nobel menu in the restaurant is served in the same porcelain as during the Nobel Banquet. So you may just be eating from a plate of which one of the previous winners of the Nobel Prize also has eaten! A set costs about 5000 SEK! And we’re talking about a set for 1 person. Not something you would have your daily dinner in!

The porcelain is from Rörstrand and was designed by the Swedish designer Karin Björquist. The set of glasses are from the Orrefors brand. It was designed by Gunnar Cyrén. This Swedish designer has designed this set for the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in 1991.


Stadshuskällaren Stockholm

We had the 2015 Nobel menu but you can order any menu since 1901. Are you curious about all the menus? Here you can find a nice overview. These are still the original recipes. Sometimes there is a small change. I can tell you that the Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge 2010 has been replaced by the one from 2011. The last drop of the very last bottle of 2010 disappeared into my glass. I must say, being aware of this did something to me! (Or was it rather the fact that I’m not used to drinking so much wine?)

Stadshuskällaren Stockholm

An alternative was provided for me as I don’t eat meat and the main course contained wildlife. I got a nice piece of salmon instead. It won’t surprise you that the dishes were all nicely balanced and were a real treat for the eyes and the taste buds. It absolutely was a unique experience!

Dessert Nobel banket 2015


To end this magnificent dinner we got a glass of Punsch. This is normally not included in the Nobel Dinner in the restaurant. At the Nobel Banquet they do serve the Punsch. Finally, we also got a signed menu card and a chocolate coin with the image of Alfred Nobel. A night to remember!

Stadshuskällaren: practical information

How to reach Stadshuskällaren?

Restaurang Stadshuskällaren Stockholm

Stadshuskällaren is located in the cellars of the City Hall on Kungsholmen. It is within walking distance of the Central Station (follow the arrows towards Kungsholmen or Stadshuset – first walk under a bridge and a little further over a bridge).

Address: Hantverkargatan 1, Kungsholmen (Stockholm)

Opening hours

Stadshuskällaren is closed on Sundays. On Monday and Tuesday you can only go there for lunch. On Saturdays there is only service during dinner. The other days they serve both lunch and dinner. It is advisable to make a reservation.

In the neighborhood

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Nobel menu at Stadshuskällaren in Stockholm

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