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Julbord, the Swedish Christmas buffet

Julbord - Swedish Christmas buffet

A Julbord (literally: Christmas table) is a buffet that is very popular during the Christmas season in Sweden. Various dishes like Julskinken, or the Christmas ham, pickled herring, different salmon dishes, Swedish meatballs, beet salad, crispbread, gubbröra (egg salad with anchovies) and Jansson’s Temptation are just some of the dishes that come on the table. To finish they have a rice pudding. As a drink there is julöl (Christmas beer) or julmust (a kind of Christmas cola).

God Jul


The tradition of the Christmas buffet would come from the Vikings. At the beginning of the 20th century, people wanted to work out the Christmas traditions: the tables were completely decorated and the dishes got an upgrade.

Julbord at the restaurant

Most of Sweden celebrates Christmas on Christmas eve. However, you can also be invited to a Christmas buffet in the weeks before. Many restaurants also serve a Christmas buffet. For example, you can go to Stockholm at Fjäderholmarnas Krog, Stadshuskällaren and Hermans. Reservations are always advisable.

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