Tram 7 to Djurgården

One of the nicest public transport routes in Stockholm (apart from the ferries) is tram line 7 to Djurgården. The line has been extended from the stop Klarabergsgatan at T-Centralen (the central station) to Waldemarsudde, the final stop at Djurgården.

There will be an extension of this line in the future and this in both directions (both to Kungsholmen and to Lidingö).

Lijn 7 Djurgården

Historical trams

The first trams in Stockholm were horse trams (1877). From 1946 most tram lines were replaced by the metro. Currently there are only about 5 tram lines left in the Stockholm area.

In addition to the regular trams that have been running on this line since August 21, 2010, there have also been additional rides with the historic trams between Norrmalmstorg and Waldemarsudde since 1991. This historic line 7N is good for a ride of approximately 3 km.

Historische trams lijn 7 Djurgården

Djurgårdslinjen is in charge of the tram rides with historic trams (line 7N). These trams run on Saturdays and Sundays from the third weekend from April to mid-December. They run daily in July and August.

The oldest tram is from 1910. The most recent is from 1954. You can find an overview of the trams here (in Swedish).

Café tram

Cafétram Djurgården Stockholm

You can also ride the Café tram at special times. In addition to hot and cold drinks, you can also order pastries like kanelbullar on this tram.

Tram 7: practical information

Tram 7 op Djurgården

For line 7, an regular ticket for public transport is sufficient. (Except for special rides). Plan your route and check the current timetable here. At busy times extra services are provided by line 7E.

Tram 7, the easiest way to the museums en attractions on the island of Djurgården

Tram 7 takes you to:

Tip: buy your tickets to the museums and attractions via the links above for the best price. On top of that, you can skip the line.

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Tram 7 Djurgården Stockholm

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