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The Swedish Classic Circuit – En Svensk Klassiker

A picture of the finish of Vasaloppet, the world’s biggest and oldest cross-country ski race. The race is 90 kilometers long and starts in Sälen and ends in Mora, following the route of King Gustav Vasa in 1520. The sky is cloudy. Vasaloppet is one of the four races that make up A Swedish Classic, a sporting challenge that requires completing races in skiing, cycling, swimming, and running within a 12-month period.

En Svensk Klassiker (also called The Swedish Classic) is quite a challenge to accomplish. Over a twelve-month period, the participants must complete four disciplines: Vasaloppet (cross-country skiing), Vätternrundan (cycling), Vansbronsimningen (swimming) and Lidingöloppet (running).

  • Vasaloppet (or Engelbrektsloppet): 90 km of cross-country skiing between Sälen and Mora
  • Vätternrundan: 315 km cycling around Lake Vättern, start & finish in Motala
  • Vansbronsimningen: 3 km swimming in Vansbro (Dalarna)
  • Lidingöloppet: 30 km trail run on the island of Lidingö

It is one of the oldest, longest and largest competitions in the world. The Classic sounds familiar to every Swede. Thousands of participants register for En Svensk Klassiker every year, but not everyone makes it to the finish. When you do make it to the finish, you receive a certificate to be proud of.

You can also go for a half, a short or the “Tjej” Classic. En Svensk Klassiker originated in 1971 and in the meantime more than 100,000 people have succeeded in this challenge.


It is a real achievement to fully complete the 4 disciplines of En Svensk Klassiker. It takes a lot of time and training. In addition to a good condition, discipline, endurance and perseverance are also required. The satisfaction afterwards seems great.

I have already done half a Lidingöloppet myself but frankly no ambitions to take on the other challenges, haha.

You really have to train hard to complete En Svensk Klassiker. It is not for everyone. Fortunately, the competition offers specialists and doctors to ensure that everything runs safely & smoothly.

Are you up for the challenge? Here is a link to register if you want to participate.

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En Svensk Klassiker

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