Back in time: Kulturen in Lund

Kulturen Lund, Skåne

One of the top things to see and do in Lund is the open-air museum Kulturen Lund. It is located in centre of the city and receives around 200,000 visitors each year. Kulturen Lund opened in 1892, making it the second open air museum in Sweden, just after Skansen in Stockholm that opened only a few months earlier.

Kulturen Lund

The first houses

In the open air museum you can find authentic buildings from all over Sweden. They bought houses and moved them to Lund to preserve the culture. The founder of the association was Georg Karlin and he took the initiative to buy the houses. The first houses that were bought were Herrehuset and Lusthuset. They bought these houses together with the big courtyard. These houses are still in their original place. Blekingegården was the first house that was purchased and moved to Lund. Also Borgarhuset, Uranäsboden and Måketorpsboden were part of the first collection of Kulturen Lund.

In 1894 the Bosebo church was moved to Kulturen. With this church they had a building of all the layers from the old society: nobility, priests, citizens and farmers. The following years there were many other historic buildings added to the collection.

Bosebo Kerk


The Church of Bosebo is a wooden church from 1652 and stood in Bosebo (Småland) until 1984. The Bishop of Småland, Esaias Tegner, ordered to replace a lot of wooden churches by larger (stones) churches. Kulturen Lund could therefore buy the church for a bargain. The wooden church was demolished, transported by train to Lund and rebuilt. Most wall paintings and the pulpit are the work of Sven Nilsson Morin from Gnosjö. The church is still used for weddings, baptisms and concerts.

Bosebo kerk

Events in Kulturen Lund

Throughout the year you can see how they used to live in the houses. There are also a lot of events. In May there is a folk music festival. In June they celebrate the national day (on the 6th of June) and the midsummer festival (on the Friday closest to the 21th of June). On the eve of St. Lucia there is a special ceremony in the old Bosebo church.

Plafond Bosebo kerk Kulturen Lund


The old grocery Hökeriet is also part of Kulturen. You won’t find Hökeriet in the open air museum but on the corner of Tomegapsgatan and St. Annegatan. The house dates back to 1827. The store opened in 1855. Until 1957 it was the local grocer. In 1962 Kulturen bought the building and now volunteers run Hökeriet. You can also go to Hökeriet for fika.

Hökeriet Lund

Practical information

How to reach Kulturen?

Kulturen is within walking distance of Lund Cathedral. Walk along the back of the cathedral and you will find Kulturen one street away.

Address: Tegnérsplatsen 6, Lund

Kulturen Lund

Opening hours

For up to date opening times of Kulturen in Lund you can have a look on their website. Under 18 admission is free. They regularly organize special activities for children.

During the summer months there are more things to experience in Kulturen Lund so I would recommend to go then but in the winter it is definitely worth a visit as well. I was there the first time when there was a little snow. The museum at the entry learns you more about the history and culture of Skåne. At the entrance you can find rune stones. Just outside Lund, in Östarp you can visit a second museum run by Kulturen in an old farmhouse.

Kulturen Lund Rikstelefon

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