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Review book: Lagom, the Swedish Art of Balanced Living

A book on the Swedish concept of 'lagom'.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘lagom‘ yet, be aware, because the next few months you want be able to avoid the word. This Swedish word that can not be translated literally and ‘not too much, not too little, exactly enough’ approaches its meaning most is hip and trending. Last week I received a first book with this topic (“Lagom – The Swedish Art of Balanced Living” by Swedish writer Linnea Dunne) and I expect one more this week!

Review: Lagom – The Swedish Art of Balanced Living

I’m into lagom. I almost picked the word as the title of this website. As a lover of all things Swedish, I already knew the concept. I knew how deep it was inherited in the Swedish culture. The book ‘Lagom – The Swedish Art of Balanced Living’ by Linnea Dunne puts it beautifully together. She describes the “lagom” elements of the Swedish lifestyle with all the clichés included. Finally, she also gives some tips to bring your life more in balance.

Jante’s Law

In the introduction, Linnea Dunne immediately makes clear that lagom is not positively welcomed by all in Sweden. She also refers to her own childhood and the inevitable relationship between lagom and Jante’s law.
I myself see similarities between a minimalist lifestyle and lagom. Minimalism is also about a life in balance and not just about fewer things. It is therefore not surprising that I fell in love with the Scandinavian lifestyle.


A lot of Swedish concepts such as the Latte daddy, fredagsmys and fika are talked about in the book. That gave me a sense of recognicilability, but for those who are less familiar with the Swedish culture, it may be overwhelming. However, it is definitely recommended to take the book home and read it. We can still learn a lot from Sweden!
The book, a hardcover, is a small and handy format that also makes it easy for you to carry in your handbag. Additionally, the booklet is beautiful on your coffee table, important too 😉
The drawings remind me of the typical designs of Svenskt Tenn. Also nice: There are a few nice recipes, making it a book that you can use on a regular basis.

The book is definitely recommended for those who like to go to Sweden for a holiday and want to learn more about Swedish culture and for those who may want to balance their lives.

Dunne, Lagom

The book Lagom – The Swedish Art of Balanced Living‘ costs 13,99 euro. 


Disclaimer: I got a book to review but any opinion is mine.

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