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Fredagsmys, the Swedish tradition of eating tacos on Friday

Fredagsmys is a popular tradition in Sweden. It's all about making it cosy at home on Friday evenings.

What could be more fun than having a night together with family or friends to eat something nice and do something cozy? In Sweden they start the weekend with fredagsmys. Freely translated as coziness on Friday.

What is fredagsmys?

Fredagsmys consists of the word ‘fredag’ (Friday) and ‘mys’ (cozy). It refers to the fact that friends or family gather on Friday evenings to close the work week, to leave the stress behind and relax together to start the weekend. What they do can vary: from an evening in front of the TV – preferably under a blanket, to a cinema visit or just a pleasant evening with friends at home. As long as there is (comfort) food!


That food is preferably as simple as possible. No hours in the kitchen for the host(ess) but a quick (unhealthy) bite of comfort food. On Friday night the burger chains and pizzerias are very busy. Nevertheless, the national fredagsmys dish seems to consist of tacos.

The origin of fredagsmys

Fredagsmys is a fairly recent concept that has only been included in the Swedish word list since 2006. The term first appeared in 1985. The forerunner of these Friday nights, is to be found in the 19th and 20th century, but on Sunday. Sunday was the only day off and the moment the family came together to eat and enjoy together.
In the 70s, when the 40-hour work week entered and the children did not have to go to school on Saturday anymore, a new phenomenon of ‘kvällsgott’ or late-night treats developed. A few hours after the evening meal, on Friday or Saturday night, they served a simple meal (could be something sweet and savory) that they ate in front of the television.

Tomorrow we learn more about lördagsgodis

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