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Nationaldag, Sweden’s national day

The Swedish flag is blue with a yellow cross on it. The National holiday is celebrated on June 6th.

On June 6 Sweden is celebrating. It is their “Nationaldag” or the Swedish National Holiday. Because on this day everyone hangs out his / her Swedish flag, they used to call this the day of the Swedish flag.

June 6

June 6 is only an official holiday on which the Swedes do not have to work since 2005. They had to hand in Pentecost Monday, which is now a normal working day in Sweden.

On June 6, 1523, Gustav Vasa opted for an independent Sweden and split the union with Denmark. To commemorate this, they celebrated the day of Gustav Vasa on 6 June.

In 1916, they named it the Swedish flag day (svenska flaggans day). Only in 1982 a law came into force that June 6 would no longer be just the day of the Swedish flag, but would also be the Swedish National Day (Sveriges nationaldag). Although still not a day off for the Swedes. That did not change until 2005.

The Swedish national anthem

Of course, on the national holiday, the national anthem cannot be missing: Du gamla, du fria. Although the song has been regarded as a national anthem since 1844, it has never been officialized.

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Nationaldag Sweden

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