Small shop from the old days: Hökeriet Lund

A picture of Hökeriet, an old-fashioned shop and museum in Lund, Sweden. The shop is located in a yellow house on the corner of Sankt Annegatan and Tomegapsgatan, near the open-air museum Kulturen. The shop sells local products such as juice, jam, honey, and candy in paper cones. The shelves are filled with vintage packages from the turn of the 20th century, giving a glimpse of the past. The shop has a red sign above the entrance that says “E.H. Larsson Win- & Diverseaffär”, which was the name of the original owners who opened the shop in 1898. The shop also has a small café where visitors can enjoy coffee and waffles. The street is quiet and cobblestoned.

Hökeriet in Lund is undoubtedly the most adorable little shop I have ever seen. It is part of Kulturen, which I wrote about earlier.

In Hökeriet you shop as it used to be – around the turn of the century (1900). On the shelves you can see packaging from that period. Nowadays you can buy local juices, jam and “karameller”. You can have a drink on the spot in the former Hökaren office. Definitely worth a visit!

History of Hökeriet in Lund

The yellow house on the corner of Sankt Annegatan and Tomegapsgatan was built around 1815. In 1898 Elisabeth and Jöns Larsson opened their shop E.H. Larsson Win- & Diverseaffär. The billboard is still hanging above the entrance of Hökeriet in Lund. Part of the current shop layout is also original from the Larssons. This was supplemented with items from another “hökeri” from Lund, namely this one from Anna Perssons in Norrtull.

In a hökeri you could mainly find food, but they also had sewing thread and snus in their offer. Some hökerier also sold home made meals that were especially popular with single men and students. A hökeri was also a little newsagent and you could have a drink there too.

In 1962 Kulturen bought the shop in Lund and brought Hökeriet back to the turn of the last century.

What can you see and do in Hökeriet today?

Nowadays you buy local products such as juice, jam and honey in Hökeriet. Popular there are the candies that they still pack in a kind of cone bag like in the old days.

You can also go for fika on the spot: the coffee is always waiting for you! As a sweet treat they serve waffles with whipped cream and jam and they also have a limited range of fikabröd.

Practical information

How to reach Hökeriet in Lund?

Hökeriet is within walking distance of Lund station. You will find the shop around the corner from Kulturen.

Address: S: t Annegatan 9, Lund

Opening hours

The shop is usually open on Saturdays and Sundays. Limited opening hours and deviations are possible. Volunteers keep Hökeriet open. Just like any other shop, admission is free, but buying something small or having a drink is certainly appreciated.

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Hökeriet Lund

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