The Viking Museum Stockholm

A Viking on display at the viking Museum in Stockholm.

The image of the Vikings we have has been coloured over the centuries by assumptions. The Viking Museum in Stocholm (at first called Vikingaliv) would like to show a correct image and relies only on established facts. This is not always easy because new information is still added through the excavations, for example, in Uppåkra in Skåne.

Vikingaliv - The Viking Museum Stockholm

Life of the Vikings

For those who have to admit that they do not really know a lot of the Viking age, the museum has a comprehensive timeline. In addition to the many info tables (English / Swedish), there are also interactive panels and videos where you can wittness testimonials of different Viking characters. For example, there is Völva, a kind of priestess who also returns in the story during the ride “Ragnfrids Saga” on the lower floor.

One of the highlights of the museum is a replica of a Viking. Through DNA research on a skeleton from a museum in Sigtuna, they could reconstruct how a Viking looked. This replica has been done extremely well. It really looks like a lifelike person. If he would suddenly start talking or moving, it would not even surprise me!

The guides in the museum are very helpful and knowledgeable about the Viking Age and they can give you extra information if you want. And I’ve written an article on the Vikings as well (coming soon).

Vikingaliv - The Viking Museum Stockholm

Ragnfrids Saga

Where the upper floor of The Viking Museum is mainly informative and educational, the ground floor offers a surprising ride. A 10-minute drive takes you to the time of the Vikings. You can choose the language yourself.

Ragnfrid and her husband Harald play the lead. You are seated into carts and end up in the middle of the Viking era. Together with Harald you go on a trip. I do not want to explain too much, but this ride really makes visiting the museum worth the effort. All the pieces of information you get in the first part suddenly fall into place and I could imagine it all much better.

Restaurant Glöd

Kardemummabullar bij Glöd

End your visit to The Viking Museum in the museum shop and the Glöd restaurant. We stopped for fika and the kardemummabullar have been approved! It is nice with views over the water and the islands across Wasahamnen. They serve food with a Nordic touch. Most dishes are ecological and seasonal.

The Viking Museum – practical information

How to reach The Viking Museum?

The Viking Museum is located at Djurgården, near the Vasamuseum. Take tram 7 and get off at the Vasa / Nordiska Museet.

Walking from Gamla Stan brings you in around 20 minutes (along Strandvägen and Djurgårdsvägen) to the museum.

Opening hours

For access prices and opening hours, you can visit their website. The entrance fee is included in Go City Stockholm All Inclusive Pass.

Vikingaliv - The Viking Museum Stockholm

Buy your tickets here

Book your tickets in advance and skip the lines. Check the availability and book immediately. You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance. And you’re guaranteed the best price (no hidden costs!).

Meet the Vikings

Can’t get enough of Vikings? Visit Birka and Sigtuna!

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The Viking Museum Stockholm

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