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Soon travelling to Sweden? Don’t forget your mobile plan!

All you need to know about using your mobile phone, roaming and buying a local sim card in Sweden.

When travelling abroad you have to be fully prepared, which also means you need to look for the best mobile plan. There’s a couple of factors that will affect what you are supposed to do such as where you are travelling from, your current plan and the duration of your stay. It’s possible that you don’t have to do anything extra. This article will help you to know what your best option is.

Where are you travelling from?

I’m travelling from a EU-country to Sweden

You’re lucky! This means you don’t have to pay any additional charges to use your mobile phone in Sweden. This is known as roaming, your calls, text messages and data services are charged at domestic rates. Depending on the duration of your stay and/or your current plan you might still have to adapt and get a Swedish sim card.

Got more questions about roaming? This FAQ written by the European Union will help you out.

Attention! In Switzerland, Andorra, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Monaco and all other non-EU countries you still pay for roaming!

I’m travelling from outside of Europe to Sweden

Here’s where it’s a get a bit more complicated because there’s a lot of possibilities. Check if your current provider offers some special (data)plan for going abroad, if they do then compare it with the options offered by the main Swedish brands: 3, Tele2, Telenor and Telia.

Deals change all the time, so it’s hard to recommend you the cheapest offer. Shop around and ask the retailers what they would recommend. Or take a look on this site.

If you plan to travel to other EU-countries, the same sim-card should work as the EU have special regulations regarding roaming.

Do you need a Swedish sim card?

The answer depends on the duration of your stay but for most people visiting Sweden from outside the EU, it will almost certainly be the cheapest option.

Attention! When getting a sim, make sure that the sim will fit your phone. It would be a shame if you end up buying a sim that doesn’t fit your phone!

What is the most important in a plan for you?

It could be unlimited calls, texts or data. So make sure when looking at your options, that you find a plan that fits the most towards your needs. If you don’t need a lot of data, then there’s no reason to spend more money on a better mobile plan.

How long are you staying for?

Depending on the duration of your stay, a lot can change, even if you are visiting from an EU-country.

I’m visiting from a EU-country for a short trip

This shouldn’t be a problem, as long as your own mobile plan is decent, you have no reason to buy a sim and no reason to worry about roaming.

I’m visiting from a EU-country for a couple of months

Buying a sim might end up being more interesting for you!
There is a general rule to roaming that as long as you spend more time at home than abroad or you use your mobile phone more at home than abroad, you can pay your standard domestic prices.

But if you are staying in a foreign country for an extended period, your mobile operator can contact you and inform you that you may be subject to charges if you continue to stay abroad. After receiving the warning you have two weeks to start using your phone more in your home country than abroad, otherwise your operator may start applying these charges:

  • €0.032 per minute for voice calls (+ VAT)
  • €0.01 per SMS (+ VAT)
  • €3.50 per GB of data (+ VAT)

I’m visiting from a non-EU-country

Since the new roaming rules from the EU isn’t applicable for you the general rule is not relevant. If you are staying for a short trip, a sim that only lasts for a short duration is more interesting for you and vice versa.

Attention! Make sure that you look at the credit validity of your sim card if you end up buying one.

That about sums it up, there’s a lot of factors that influence the best decision for you so make sure you look at what description fits you best. Enjoy your trip!

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Do I need a Swedish sim card?

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