Lindholmen & Eriksberg in winter

Lindholmen in winter (Gothenburg) with red boathouses.

A few winters ago (2017) I took a lovely walk, on a sunny day in December, from Lindholmen to Eriksberg and back again. We took Älvsnabben from Lilla Bommen Älvsnabs to “the other side”. Eriksberg in winter, it was a perfect last day of my first city trip to Gothenburg.

Tip: take the boat from Stenpiren to Lindholmspiren, because that part is free!

Gothenburg is not Stockholm. That was pretty much my main thought during the week I was in Gothenburg for the first time. It was here, during my walk on Lindholmen and Eriksberg, that I realized that it was not necessary either. It had snowed lightly and Eriksberg showed its most charming side. The light was really perfect and I went home with an extra dose of vitamin D.

Photo report: Eriksberg in winter

Op de overzetboot naar Eriksberg
Älvsnaben Göteborg
Campus Lindholmen, het rode gebouw aan de overkant springt meteen in het oog - Göteborg
Eriksberg in de winter
Eriksberg in de winter
Kraan van Eriksberg
Kraan van Eriksberg
Zonsondergang Älvsborgbron
Eriksberg in de winter
Terrasjes Eriksberg
Kunst Eriksberg
Zicht op Göteborg met de kranen

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Lindholmen & Eriksberg in de winter  - Göteborg

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