When in Sweden, visit Ikea! Near Stockholm you can even visit the biggest one in the world.

Is there anything more Swedish than Ikea (apart from the Swedish coffeebreak ‘fika’, maybe)? There is an Ikea in the center of Stockholm (in Gallerian), but I would recommend paying a visit to another Ikea store during your city trip to the Swedish capital. It’s not just any kind of Ikea store! Ikea Kungens Kurva is the largest Ikea in Sweden (used to be even the biggest one in the world) and I think that’s worth a visit.

Free bus to Kungens Kurva

Ikea Kungens Kurva is located in Skärholmen, just south of Stockholm. On weekdays you can take a free bus to this Ikea. The bus leaves from Vasagatan 10 (under the bridge), near the Central Station. On the hour, the bus leaves for Ikea, on the half hour the bus returns. The ride takes about 20 minutes and you will also see pieces of Gamla Stan and Södermalm. On the way back, the bus stops at Hornstull, Fridhemsplan, Rådhuset and Centralen, the central station. The hours of the bus can also be checked on their website .

The history of Ikea Kungens Kurva

Ikea Kungens Kurva opened in 1965, as the second Ikea home warehouse after Älmhult (where you now also find the Ikea museum). The architect C. Knutson got his inspiration for the round section of the warehouse at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The result is a maze with Scandinavian design where you can easily get lost. It was in this store that Ikea tested the concept of the children’s play corner and the restaurant for the first time. Several years ago, Ikea announced that they would build a new Ikea in Kungens Kurva. By 2022 there should be a new Ikea not far from the current place.

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Ikea Kungens Kurva

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  1. It’s not the largest in Sweden.
    I have found the one in Uppsala is bigger than this.

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