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Swedish vocabulary for travellers

Are you planning a vacation to Sweden? Great idea! Maybe you want to speak a few words of Swedish by then? Perfect! It will add to your experience and the Swedes will love you for trying. The words / phrases below are very useful for travellers or tourists who want to know some basic Swedish words and phrases.

No time to learn Swedish? Don’t worry! Almost everyone in Sweden masters the English language. Still, it’s kinda cool to speak some Swedish, right?

Really want to dig in? This is how I learned Swedish in just 3 months time!

Swedish for travellers

ByeHej dåHej do
Thank youTack 
PleaseVarsågod vaarsogood
Excuse meUrsäktaUursjekta
Good morningGod morgon Goomorron
Good nightGod kvällGoo kvel
(‘g’ like in goal)
No entryEj tillgång ej tielgong
My name is…Jag heter…Ja hèter
What’s your name?Vad heter du?Va hèter du
I don’t speak SwedishJag talar inte svenskaJa taalar inte svenska
I don’t understand.Jag förstår dig inte.Ja feurstôr dij inte
Can I have the bill?Kan jag få betala? 
How much is it?Hur mycket kostar det? 
Can you make a picture of me?Skulle du kunna ta ett kort av mig? 
Where is the toilet?Var finns toaletten? 

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Swedish for travellers

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