Sleeping in a pilot tower – Svedtiljas Landsort

On Landsort you can sleep at Lotstornet, the pilot tower of the island.

Åke Svedtiljas first came to Landsort in 2011 and was immediately charmed by the island’s pilot station. It took a while before he could purchase the building, but after a thorough renovation you can now spend the night in the pilot tower. And that is actually even better than spending the night in the lighthouse because from Lotstornet you have a view of the lighthouse!

Ake Svedtiljas

Spend the night in “Lotstornet”, an old pilot tower

Even those who do not have their own summer house at Landsort can spend the night here. In Lotstornet there are 6 rooms for 2 people each. The rooms are basic but equipped with all necessary comfort. There are 2 rooms per floor, each with a shared bathroom. The advantage of this hotel is its unique location and the beautiful view. Spending the night in the pilot tower costs about 100 euros, breakfast included. You have to add about 15 euros for the ferry to the island.

Landsort - zicht op Lotstornet


For breakfast we were expected in the restaurant of Svedtiljas. The breakfast is extensive and with all fresh products. Attentive readers will see that this is not my plate (I don’t eat meat) that I photographed but one of the other bloggers who came too. Special mention for the freshly squeezed fruit juice and the fresh smoothies.


Åke is a renowned chef and spoils the guests in restaurant Svedtiljas with his skills. In the afternoon we had lunch in the restaurant. On the menu: a delicious bouillabaisse. Åke mentioned that the cod had been caught with the line and not with nets. Sustainability is of paramount importance here. The aioli was also very tasty by the way.


In the evening, Åke served us a delicious 3-course menu on the top floor of Lotstornet. The food was very high quality and accompanied by matching wines. First we got potato pancakes topped with fish eggs, chives, onions and aioli. The main course was a perfectly cooked cod fillet served with roasted cauliflower.

For dessert we got a crumble with blueberries, strawberries and raspberry sorbet. With a view of the island, this was a real dream location. As icing on the cake, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, followed by a breathtaking sunset.

Regenboog boven Landsort

More information on Svedtiljas can be found on their website (English + Swedish).

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