Staying at the Bird’s Nest in Granö Beckasin

Gräno Beckasin in Västerbotten offers tree houses (Bird's Nests) and breathtaking surroundings.

About 70 km from Umeå you find the natural paradise of Granö Beckasin. This domain is located on the Umeälven. Here you sleep high among the trees in a so-called Bird’s Nest. Granö Beckasin is the perfect base for adventurers.


Granö is located just south of Swedish Lapland or in the south of Swedish Lapland, depending on which definition of Lapland you use. It is about 700 km above Stockholm.


In February 2020 this was the destination of a press trip to Västerbotten and more specifically the area around Umeå. After discovering Umeå and skating on Tavelsjön, fun winter adventures in Granö Beckasin were on the program. Absolutely lovely!

Spend the night between the trees

I spent the nights in a Bird’s Nest meters high between the trees. A fantastic view and all the luxury you could wish for. The partly glass roof allows you to sleep under the stars. At least if it’s not cloudy. You have your own bathroom and there is also a kitchenette installed in the Bird’s Nest.

Bird's Nest - Granö Beckasin

You don’t have to go downstairs for breakfast. That is delivered to your door in a picnic basket. The night before you can fill in a form to indicate what you want for breakfast. Indulgence!

Bird's Nest - Granö Beckasin

Even more pampering: there is a sauna and a hot tub that you can use privately. After the sauna I obviously had to roll in the snow! Before the sauna I was already looking forward to the sensation of rolling in the snow.

Sauna, rolling in the snow, enjoying a hottub

I definitely want to come back here. At least twice! Once in the summer to discover the environment at its greenest and once again in the winter but with northern lights!

Sunrise from Bird's Nest - Granö Beckasin

In addition to the Bird’s Nest, you can also spend the night here in the eco hotel, a bungalow or cabin or at the campsite. A small tip if you go for the Bird’s Nest: try to limit your luggage or pack a separate bag for your overnight stay (s) in the tree house.

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View on Granö from the bridge to Granö Beckasin

Winter adventures


A little further on the other side of the road is the starting point for the numerous winter adventures you can experience in Granö Beckasin. We drove a snowmobile, were allowed to drive a husky sled and went ice fishing. You can also cross-country ski, hike and snowshoe. You get warm winter overalls and warm winter boots on the spot.

In the summer you can go on a moose safari, canoeing, hiking and so much more.

It is best to book the activities in advance, to be guaranteed you can join.

Fika in winter wonderland


restaurant Granö Beckasin

Granö Beckasin also has its own restaurant where they serve lunch and dinner. They serve fresh meals with local products. Vegetarian menu is possible too. Reservations are recommended because the restaurant is also very popular with locals.


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Granö Beckasin

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