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Story Hotel Malmö

I know the Story Hotels from Stockholm. Last year a Story Hotel also opened in Malmö. In terms of rooms with a view the Story Hotel is a great competitor of Clarion Hotel Malmö Live where I stayed 2 summers ago. I chose the most expensive room, the large ocean, with a view of the Öresund Bridge (from the bed!) and the sea.

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (4)

Room with a view

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (8)

It does not happen often that I leave the curtains of my hotel room open. This was the case for the second time in Malmö. I chose this hotel (and especially this room) because of the view. The Large Ocean offers a 180 ° view of the sea, Västra Hamnen with the Turning Torso and another piece of Malmö. Awesome! I moved the big TV on the first day so that I also had a view of the Öresund Bridge from the bed. I stayed at Studio Malmö in December, and the pillars of the Öresund Bridge served  as candles on the Advent calendar for the first time. What a great idea (although not that easy to photograph with a smartphone, from my room)!

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There are different types of rooms in Story Hotel Studio Malmö so you can choose a room that suits you best: budget-friendly options, rooms with luxurious rain showers, rooms with a view of the city and rooms with a view of the water. The hotel rooms are located on the upper floors of an office building and in Malmö there aren’t a lot of tall buildings, so you actually look above the city anyway.

Facilities at Story Hotel Studio Malmö

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Story Hotel thinks of everything. The rooms are conveniently furnished and equipped with nice extras. There are many power outlets so you always have a socket near your laptop or to charge your cell phone. USB chargers are also provided on the bedside tables. There is a mini-bar, filled with (free) products from Vitamin Well. Zlatan is the link here. This football hero is from Malmö and he is ambassador for these fresh vitamin drinks.

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In the bathroom you will find bath products of the house brand. There were robes and slippers. In my bathroom there was a bath and a rain shower. You can not lose your key at Story Hotels. They work with codes. Handy!

The hotel is just a 5-minute walk from Malmö Central Station. If you come outside the main exit, you will see a small lighthouse on your right. Walk in that direction and you will soon see the hotel!

Story Hotel Studio Malmö

Lucia, a story

At twenty past eight I was putting my make-up on. My mascara was already on my one eye. My hair had already been brushed but I was still in my pajama short. Suddenly I heard the fire alarm. Now you should know that I had some problems with my Achilles tendon during the last few days. I hesitated for a moment. Would there be a real fire? It did not seem like a good timing to hold a fire exercise in a hotel.

I decided not to take any risks, quickly put on my winter coat and started walking down 12 floors. In the stairwell I came across a few other hotel guests who looked at my hotel slippers, short shorts and half-make-uped face. In retrospect, it must have been hilarious.

When I was on the second floor, the office workers from the floors below the hotel came up again. It turned out, fortunately, that it was a false alarm. It was December the 13th and some colleagues were too enthusiastic about lighting the candles for the feast of light. But I can confirm that the fire alarm is working properly!

Breakfast on the 14nd floor

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Do you want to opt for a cheaper room with less spectacular views? No worries! Breakfast is served in the sky bar on the 14th floor. In the summer you can also take a seat on the terrace. Breakfast is buffet style and with Lucia they also served lussekatter, the famous saffron rolls.

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What is your favourite hotel in Malmö?

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