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Musikhjälpen – charity radio in Sweden

Musichjälpen - charity radio show in Sweden

Just like in Belgium (and the Netherlands), the Swedish radio has been organizing a charity action during the last weeks of the year. In Sweden it is called ‘Musikhjälpen‘. The presenters are locked up every year for 144 hours and make radio. Did you know that the concept originally comes from the Netherlands with ‘Serious Request’?

Musikhjälpen has been organized in a different Swedish city every year since 2008. The first years it was alternately Malmö and Gothenburg. It is broadcasted on P3 and via SVT / SVT Play. Every year they raise money for a different theme and charity. Often the charity has something to do with children in need.

Musikhjälpen 2020

Like everything else in 2020, Musikhjälpen will look a little different this year. In 2020 Norrköping would be the host city for Musikhjälpen. In the meantime, it has been decided to do the broadcast from a studio, because of the corona measures. From 14 to 20 December 2020 they will broadcast all day and night. This year’s theme is: ‘Ingen människa ska lämnas utan vård.’, everyone should have access to care.

Wondering if they can beat the 2019 record this year when they raised a whopping 5.57 million euros.

Read more on the website of Sveriges Radio (in Swedish).

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